The project also involved the integration of EETER Collective Artwork into a Live and Editable motion graphics template.  The template even includes a selection of stock titles within the organization as well as a custom text interface.
The original interpretation was a lot different. Initially the template supported a multilingual Motion Template interface allowing creators from around the world to create localised tutorials. Unfortunately at tjis stage in the project sourcing reliable content creators was easier said than done.  Many of the rejected lower thirds assets found their way into the Decred Assembly Motion Template kit.

Why not check out:

Decred Assembly
A custom built flexible motion template for fast turnover of assets for Youtube Livestream.
Bio-AX® - Hello Future
3D visualisations, Infographics and filming in Brussels all to promote the future of Body Worn Video.
Outlining a vision for public transport on the Taw. Firethought delivered an initial corporate identity and 3D Visualisations.
The Seal Company
Firethought worked with seal manufacturer TSC to create engaging video pieces that were simple to follow and honoured the brand.
Original Governance
Original Governance was a project undertaken by Firethought and Decred contractor EETER to provide a light-hearted spin on the shaky story of governance in the cryptocurrency space.
Decrediton UX Elements
A simple and fun UX project aimed at creating a fun hexagonal loading interface. Firethought was tasked with realising this brief; creating assets to a tight deadline.
Planet Fun
Not much is known about the client however occasionally briefs are delivered in the early hours usually involving 3D recreations of cult British childhood toys.
Chill & Recharge
Firethought was tasked to create promotional content for free festival Wi-Fi service; primarily for on-screen VT and social media use.
Decred Roundtable
Decred Roundtable is Decred's community live broadcast. Firethought was tasked with Motion Template creation and Title Animation.
Decred Presentation Elements
This collection of animated sequences were created to highlight core product features. Notably: LN Network, Politeia and Atomic Swaps.
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